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The Mission

The Young Men’s Christian Association of Georgia is the national union of all Young Men’s Christian Associations in Georgia. 


The purpose of the association is to unite the young people to put into practice the Christian principles of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty, through programs and activities that promote the development of healthy mind, body and spirit for all.


The association doesn’t pursue political aims and doesn’t follow any political or religious denomination.


The Goals


•To support the local YMCAs in conducting joint and coordinated activities;

•To stimulate the development of the YMCA of Georgia by promoting the strengthening and further extension of the member YMCAs and by encouraging the creation of the YMCA in new areas and locations;

•To react to the emerging needs of the community through initiatives, charity actions and programs according to the lifestyle and living standards of the community.


The Objectives


•To provide leadership for the YMCA movement and formulate national standards, working objectives and policies for assistance of local organizations. These standards, objectives and policies are to be provided as guidance and should not be mandatory to follow;

•To establish friendly relations between Georgian and international YMCA movements;

•To represent the movement in dealing with the authorities, and with other national and international organizations;

•To provide the activities of national and international scope that can not be implemented by the local organizations separately. These activities must by implemented upon the agreement with respective local organizations.